By using the services of, you understand and agree to the fact that while we do all we can to reduce or even prevent fraud, there are some inevitable risks to doing any business online. Visit our Terms page for more details.


Four important steps we take to help protect backers and campaign owners:

  1. We process all payments through secured thirdparty payment processors. uses the services of Paystack and direct payments through all the major banks.
  2. All campaigns go through initial review by one of our staff members. While we do not gurantee that we may catch all fraudulent activities, such initial approval process and validation help to reduce incidence of bogus campaigns.
  3. To  protect both donors and campaign owners, holds all donations and payments in eschrow using our "Wallet" system. This holds all funds collected in trust until campaigns are completed. This gives opportunity to scrutinize campaigns when issues arise.
  4. To improve security, our servers are hosted and adminsitered from the USA.


To continue to maintain the security and intergrity of, community effort is required. If you notice any suspicious activity or campaign, please report immeditaely to or